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This is a place of Caffeine, Nicotine and Brimstone. The interests here are varied, from video games and horror films to atheism and marxism to christian demonology and voodoo. But rest assured, you are in the wrong place.
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En voyant votre visage fait ma baisse de coeur.




chemical reaction

*how to spawn demons: a beginner’s guide to chemistry


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when you say poolnoodle cucumberbench is unattractive and ppl go “are  [picture of him] you [gif of him] confused [extreme hq pic]” and i’m like yeah no that dude’s ugly you just keep posting pictures of the ugly dude what am i supposed to do with this information

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if ur a non anarchist/communist/what have you i feel like having at least one whacky anarchist/communist/what have you friend is very important for ur development as a human

I am now accepting applications for friends, I am possibly whacky and definitely up on my anarcha-communism. I accept payment in liquor and books.


Invader Zim Character Varieties

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